Awesome Treatment Program!
It was a wonderful experience. The staff is second to none and treated me with the utmost respect. My case managers were phenomenal! I loved all aspects of the program. I have been in many treatments prior to my admission to Drug Rehab Indianapolis, and this place was the best and most helpful treatment center I have been at.
, Indianapolis May 10, 2012

All the Staff are Very Caring!
Drug Rehab Indianapolis is an absolutely amazing place to begin a new life in recovery. All of the staff are very caring and concerned with your best interest. I have started a new family here who I know will be there to help me grow in my recovery, every step of the way. This is by far, the best decision I have ever made in my life. Thank you to each and every person who I shared my time with there!! You all have truly saved my life.
, Indianapolis Jan 28, 2012

Very Lovable Clinicians!
I'm very thankful for everything that Drug Rehab Indianapolis provided me. They gave me the love, support, guidance, and tools that I need to see that there is a completely different way of living. I came into treatment a very broken and bruised, only gravitating toward hurt and pain. Over the coarse of treatment I was molded into a strong survivor that was taught how to love myself and understand how to live on life terms. This place is full of staff members that truly care for the clients and want every single one of us to succeed in life. I am so grateful for Drug Rehab Indianapolis. Thank you for the new life you have given me!!!
, Indianapolis Mar 13, 2012

All the staff was very loving and caring.
I wasn't sure what to expect when I got here but with in the first couple of mins. I realized I was where I needed to be. All the staff was very loving and caring, and it seem like they were here for me and not just there as there daily job. I am looking forward to stepping back out into to society a clean and sober person. My head is starting to clear the foig and I am seeing the things the way I should be. I recommend this program to anyone that is suffering from a drug or alcohol problem and who wants to get better and seeking change to be sober. Thanks to all the staff of Drug Rehab Indianapolis and everyone else who has helped threw all this drama!!! Much Love!!!
, Indianapolis Sep 26, 2011

Awesome Place for Recovery!
Drug Rehab Indianapolis is an awesome place to start a new life in recovery learning to live clean and sober. All the staff are amazing they truly care about the welfare of every client. Drug Rehab Indianapolis truly saved my life I love everyone one there!!
, Indianapolis Nov 7, 2011

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